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I’ve been anxiously awaiting a reply from CreateSpace about my sample book’s cover.  As soon as I can get it fixed, I can order a new sample and get the book on the market.  I’m already writing and saving poems and photos for the next book.  The first one, “Trappings of the Years”, had 48 poems and about 60 photos (each of the poems had a photo attached, plus a few of my favorites).  I have about 10 ready for book two…

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“Hurricane John has just made a right turn at San Diego and will hit the Las Vegas area with wind speeds of 135 miles per hour. We expect  up to 16 inches of rain, and for damage to be extensive.”  You turn off the radio and sigh.  The wind has been unbearable all day, and now it looks like Sin City will get the brunt of the storm.

After a long night of howling winds and pounding rain, you make your way to your business and find moderate damage, but repairable.  A look at your  office building, however, is devastating.  Right in the path of the storm’s wind tunnel, the flooding was up to two feet before receding.  When you are allowed inside, you find all of your customers’ core files are wet and disintegrating, your computers shorted out or dead, and your carpeting smelling of rancid, sitting water.

You set up shop in your relatively dry home office, renting a couple computers and restoring all your company data from your remote backup facility.  There could have been a much different ending, one filled with anger, scrambling, waiting, and perhaps bankruptcy.  There is virtually no part of the country that does not have a potential for disaster.  How safe is your data?

Another example:  The riots leave your office stripped bare.  You took home a backup tape just two days ago, so you won’t lose much data.  After installing a new computer and tape drive, you insert the backup cartridge and run the Restore Wizard provided by the backup software.  You can’t understand why the list of files on the tape is blank. You try three , four, five times and finally call the Support Department.  “Sorry, it looks like the backup didn’t take.”

Data is information.  Whether on stone tablet, papaya scrolls, hardback books, faxes, email, text messages or digital documents, untimely loss of that information can have significant consequences.  A Remote Backup Service will let you rest easy knowing you’ll still be there after the catastrophe.

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