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Ol’ Sally

She worked as hard as most had ever seen,
and breakdowns in the fray were almost nil.
Ol’ Sally was the wheel of the machine
that crushed the wheat and barley in the mill.

Though Jess, the owner, named her for his aunt,
a battle axe that wouldn’t take his guff,
Ol’ Sally, once the pride of all Vermont,
had kept rapport with those around its bluff.

For years Ol’ Sally ground her powdered meal,
without complaint, outlasting market trends;
her bakeries had lost their great appeal,
as corporations brought about their ends.

A farmer rescued Sal from rot and mold,
preserved, her stories finally are told.

Photo and Poem- Copyright © 2008 by Jack Huber-
All rights reserved.

Ol' Sally

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…that’s what they’ll be calling me. I just learned that there is a word for what I do with my poetry and photographs. From poets.org:

Ekphrasis (also spelled “ecphrasis”) is a direct transcription from the Greek ek, “out of,” and phrasis, “speech” or “expression.” It’s often been translated simply as “description,” and seems originally to have been used as a rhetorical term designating a passage in prose or poetry that describes something. More narrowly, it could designate a passage providing a short speech attributed to a mute work of visual art. In recent decades, the use of the term has been limited, first, to visual description and then even more specifically to the description of a real or imagined work of visual art.

So, writing poems using my photos as inspiration is actually an ancient art. Whooda figured?

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I strolled away from city noise,
away from strain and crowds,
Superior grants strength and calm,
despite her nimbus clouds.

At lake’s edge I can sit and stare
imagining beyond
horizon’s curved and lonely cusp
live those who share my bond.

For I could sense those roustabouts
who stroll to water’s edge
and gaze at distant shores where I
now sit near leafy sedge.

They, too, would need their time away
from work and all they feared,
I wondered if daydreams of me
came calling while they peered.

I sighed and left the peaceful scene,
recharged and ready, though
I still recalled the unseen shore
and those I yearned to know.

Photo and Poem- Copyright © 2008 by Jack Huber-
All rights reserved.

At Lake's Edge

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