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For years it had gathered the wicked and poor,
the church in the vineyard would open its door
to any whose faith wasn’t true anymore.

The winery sat in the temple’s garage,
once worked by the church’s abject entourage,
converting their anger with moral massage.

The small congregation was thinning by day,
The rural life losing its peaceful array
of orchards and farms, to the pastor’s dismay.

But grapes of the vineyard would still have its care,
the riesling made in the height of despair
by sinful parishioners’ souls in repair.

Photo and Poem- Copyright © 2008 by Jack Huber-
All rights reserved.

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A chunk of matter roaming through the void,
without regard for altitude’s declines,
was drawn away from orbits once enjoyed
and hurtled to the atmosphere’s confines.

The smoldering began with glowing red,
the heat and temper separated flakes
of rock and rubble in a molten thread,
that followed on the path of nature’s brakes.

The size of shrunken mass was mighty still,
though humans would not be in numbers yet,
its striking mountain range in winter’s chill
incised a cliffside bowl without regret.

When first exploring canyon’s rugged face
man stared in awe and praised this hallowed place.

Poem and photo- Copyright © 2008 by Jack Huber-
All rights reserved.

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I recently put my domain, jackhuber.com, up to begin promoting my poetry, photographs, books, and other products (i.e. calendars). It’s currently just a simple site, showing testimonials and how to order my book, Trappings of the Years, but it will now begin a transformation into what I hope will be an interesting place to visit.

Try www.jackhuber.com.

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