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I like the Kansas climate

When I say “climate” I don’t mean the weather.  I mean social and business climates.

I attended my first couple of networking events here in Wichita yesterday and was truly impressed at how I was accepted.  Not to be mean, this didn’t happen to me in either Buffalo or Las Vegas. 

In Buffalo, and I’ve said this before, people are extremely nice to strangers– who are passing through.  If your grandparents didn’t go to school together, you will always be on the outside looking in, on business and social levels. I don’t know if this is an East Coast thing, but I felt it for almost five years until I moved. 

In Vegas, you have a fairly transient city with a lot of newcomers.  People won’t commit themselves to any type of relationship, be it friendship or business dealings, until the other person has been around for at least three years.  It feels to them like a waste of energy when so many people leave town (unfulfilled and with broken dreams) after a few months, taking the relationship with them.

So it was my great pleasure to be received into the Wichita business community so easily.  After the last 10 years, I had somewhat dreaded my necessary acclimation into the community.  I need not have worried.

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