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PoetryDances.com, a site that displays great poetry from a multitude of poetry and writing sites, has chosen my poem, “Dormant,” as the first of its “Poems selected in period February – April 2009.” PoetryDances’ readership preferences were sited in the selection of this particular piece among my latest work.

You can find it here: http://www.poetrydances.com/poetrydancesfebapr09.htm.

…but be sure to look around and perhaps propose one of your favorite poems for their consideration.

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I’ve added a few new items to my JackHuber.com website. Please sign my Guestbook and Guest-Map, and check back to see all the interesting locations people are visiting from.

I’ve also had some colorful bookmarks made up I’ll be mailing free-of-charge to those who sign up in my Mailing List and then email me with their name and snail-mail address.

Please leave me comments on how you think my site is coming and anything else you feel like sharing.

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Bookmarks ordered

I came across a great source for printing bookmarks- PrintPlace.com. I just ordered 250 2-sided 2″x7″ coated paper bookmarks and it cost me just $58 plus shipping. At that price I can give them away as promotions for my books. I had a tough time deciding what to place on each side, however. I chose a poem from each book, one whose content fit in the margins below its matching photo, and a blurb to go to my new website, www.jackhuber.com.

The artwork was approved yesterday and I should get them next week. Now I have to figure out how to distribute them…

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I have a new website up so that the public can easily see information about my books, including recommendations and reviews, and get links to the CreateSpace e-store pages for ordering.

Here’s the site: http://www.jackhuber.com

Please comment and let me know what you think.

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