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Pacific Fog Washes Ashore
Pacific Fog Washes Ashore

This photo was taken in Humbolt County on the far northern coastline of California. Coastal fog on the west coast seems to act differently than on the eastern seaboard, especially New England, and I certainly have plenty of it to see when visiting Maine and Massachusetts in the fall.

Around the seashores of Northern California, Oregon and Washington State, a marine layer usually creeps in during the wee hours, especially during the summer. The fog often burns off by mid-afternoon, leaving a few hours of golden sunshine before dusk. In the east, you can have continuous fog for days. These peculiarities can create opportunities for some very different photos on each coast.

Oh, and just try to get a shot of open beach in New England… Another thing I really like about the west coast is its nearly complete public access along the ocean.

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