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Glacial Ice

“Glacial Ice”
Photo of the Week #42, selected in February, 2020

There’s no shortage of iconic photo opportunities in Alaska, but I felt fortunate to click this pic for two reasons. First, climate change may do away with these massive Alaskan glaciers someday and there’s no guarantee that this won’t be sooner than later. Second, getting a shot like this with a long telephoto lens can be exceedingly difficult. I was about 200 yards away when I heard the eerie groan from deep within the glacier and was lucky enough to guess correctly as to where the ice would be falling. I can’t wait until we can return to the “Last Frontier.”

This photo was taken from our cruise ship in the Tarr Inlet, part of Glacier Bay, Alaska, while sitting near the Margerie Glacier. This glacier was declared a National Monument in 1925, a National Park and Preserve in 1980, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1986 and a World Heritage Site in 1992. In case you were wondering, the Margerie Glacier extends upstream for a length of 21 miles, is about 1 mile wide and is approximately 350′ tall at the sheer edge, 100′ of which is under water.

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