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Seventeen individual Quatrain City Poetry Contests were held from the end of March through November. Each Contest resulted in a winner and runner-up, both of which qualified for Grand Prize judging. These are the results:

Grand Prize:

“The Church of Adolescence” by Anthea Burson

First Runner-Up

“Myth of Life” by Ayoub Bangroo

Second Runners-Up (tie)

“Criss-Crossed” by Pushpa Moorjani
“Silent Cannons” by Diane Tegarden

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to Anthea, who was the top choice of two of the three judges. You can see the winning quatrains, along with the accompanying photos, at http://www.jackhuber.com/quatraincity.htm.


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Congrats to Pushpa Moorjani and Ayub Bangroo for winning my latest Quatrain City Poetry Contest. To read the winning poems, go to http://www.jackhuber.com/QC/qc8.htm. You can also read previous winning entries, and the contest rules as well.

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Winners of the second edition of the Quatrain City Poetry Contest have been announced.  JackHuber.com is sponsoring this contest to provide poetic inspiration or to assist poets in fine-tuning their skills. Congrats go out to Diane Tegarden and Ayoub Bangroo for their winning entries.  they will now be automatically entered in a grand prize contest at the end of the year.

To see theses winning entries, go to http://www.jackhuber.com/quatraincity.htm.

It’s free to enter the Quatrain City Poetry Contest, but you must be a member of the Ryze group, which is also free. This is a great group, so if you have a mind to enter this semi-monthly contest, please join them at http://www.ryze.com/networkindex.php?network=wordmeisters and look for the next Quatrain City contest photo for inspiration. The rules are also included.

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This past weekend I took several large framed photos to a local Wichita gallery, Three Pea Gallery, who will be selling them along with my books. We are putting the finishing touches on a book signing/wine tasting evening at Three Pea during a monthly event called “Final Friday.” It is planned for April 30th, and two other artists, plus the gallery owner, will be showing their work as well. I’ll have several copies of my new book (“Aspects Long Forgotten”) available and I’ll personally sign them ala Rick “Castle.”

Final Friday, sponsored by Downtown Wichita and the local art districts, is known for its “art crawl,” in which several galleries and museums are open late and serve refreshments so that art lovers can move slowly from one gallery to the next. If you live in the Wichita vicinity, I hope you’ll stop in. For more info about my book, go to http://www.jackhuber.com/aspects.htm, and please feel free to add yourself to my guest map.

One last note: I am sponsoring a continuing 4-line poetry contest on the Ryze network and the latest inspiration is posted today. It’s free to enter, but you must be a member of the Ryze group, which is also free. This is a great group, so if you have a mind to enter this semi-monthly contest, please join us at http://www.ryze.com/networkindex.php?network=wordmeisters and look up the latest Quatrain City contest thread. The rules are also included.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.


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“Aspects Long Forgotten” is now released and available at http://www.jackhuber.com/aspects.htm.  My latest book of poetry and photography, named for a poem within, was a year in the making.

The local gallery carrying my work, Three Pea, is planning an “Aspects” book-signing for Final Friday, an evening art crawl in the gallery district. Watch for that announcement.

JackHuber.com is also sponsoring a poetry contest to assist poets fine-tune their skills. Twice monthly, a photo is posted on the Ryze forum, “Wordmeisters, Poets and Writers Unite!” Members then compose a quatrain, or 4-line poem, inspired by the photograph. The first winners have been posted on my website at http://www.jackhuber.com/quatraincity.htm and will be automatically entered in a grand prize contest at the end of the year.

Only members of this Ryze group may enter the contest, but to join is free. Quatrain City Contest rules are posted in the forum. For more information, go to http://www.ryze.com/networkindex.php?network=wordmeisters.

Have a great week!


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In good form…

 Once again I have an article published in the Poetic Monthly Magazine. In this month’s column, which was released today, I discuss how and when I choose a poetic form. You can find it on Page 47 of the “View Free PDF” link partway down the front page of http://www.poetstage.com/poeticmonthly.htm . Also selected and included in this issue are two of my submissions, “Kindred Souls” and “Judging Without Knowing.”

You can find last month’s column, “The Scene of the Rhyme,” on Associated Content: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2771980/the_scene_of_the_rhyme.html?cat=47 .

 My new book, “Aspects Long Forgotten,” is in its final stages before release. I’ve corrected a few minor typos and ordered my (hopefully) final proof, which is on its way. With any luck, my new release will happen around April Fool’s Day. I hope that’s not an omen…


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I just finished placing my poems in my new book’s template and in order to write the preface, in which I describe the forms I’ve used, I had to make a list of them. It is a surprisingly long list:

Italian sonnet
English sonnet
terza rima
double Etheree
standard Habbie

Good thing my book is limited to 100 pages…

For a description on any of these forms, please go to http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/202741/jack_huber.html

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