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Just as I was giving up hope about my offer to Greensburg, I received a reply with an apology for not getting back to me sooner.  Stacy Barnes, Director of the 5.4.7 Arts Center, says the project “sounds like a good idea, but I will have to discuss it with our Board of Directors before moving forward.”  She also says that taking care of the up front costs will make it much easier for them “to make something like this possible.”

So, perhaps this will move forward after all.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

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I’m a bit disappointed that the 547 Art Center hasn’t acknowledged my offer yet.  They didn’t have to agree to anything, just thank me for the gesture and say they will discuss it, just to help me out of email limbo.  I hate that.

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I sent an email yesterday to Stacy Barnes of the 547 Art Center in Greensburg, Kansas, a town that was 95% destroyed in May of 2007 by an EF-5 tornado.

I recently moved to Wichita from Las Vegas. At Thanksgiving, 2007, we drove through Greensburg on our way to visit family in Wichita and witnessed some of the town’s devastation. Interestingly, we hadn’t yet decided to move to Kansas, but were intrigued by the ‘Greensburg’ series on the Green Channel, and later on Discovery, especially after seeing the town for ourselves. We again drove through this past November during our move and saw how their recovery was progressing. We visited the 547 Art Center, featured on the Green Channel as one of the first Platinum-certified green buildings in Kansas, though students and camera crews still filled the grounds and we didn’t want to interrupt the progress, so we didn’t go in.

I have since written 2 poems inspired by photos I took on my last Greensburg visit. As I read a newspaper article this weekend about how they are asking for donations to continue to rebuild the town, it occurred to me that I could write a few more poems, include some of my previous work, and create a Greensburg collection that they could sell, and keep all the profits from, for the Art Center. This was my offer to Stacy, with no up-front costs to the Center.

I am eagerly awaiting her reply.

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