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Tools:  Computer with Internet access, Dictionary.com, Rhymezone.com, GotPoetry.com, and imagination.

I truly dislike open prose (rambling thoughts in no particular format, but there are those who would debate that), so I will tell you to go to Wikipedia and look up poetry meter. Learn about the different types and formats poetry can take, such as sonnets, odes, and iambic pentameter. Experiment!

Sonnets were originally written to describe, then solve, an issue or problem. This is a good exercise when struggling to decide what to write.

Subjects can be ordinary, but say something interesting, unexpected, deep, or profound.

(Unless you HAVE to) Don’t write about love, suicide, sex, jealousy, or writing. They have been done.

Rhyme, but in a consistant pattern. Don’t stop rhyming once you start a pattern. Even when not rhyming, write with meter and flow (again, see Wiki).

Get help and learned advice. That’s why I like GotPoetry, a splendid resource.

Learn to know when a poem is finished. Otherwise you will have a library of unfinished work.

Any other rules you’d like to add?

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