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Brilliant Sunset over Lake Ontario
Brilliant Sunset over Lake Ontario

“Brilliant Sunset over Lake Ontario”
Photo of the Week #34, selected in January, 2020

Sunsets, one of the subjects I enjoy capturing often, especially over bodies of water, come in varying degrees of color and interest. This one, however, taken from Brennan Beach in Upstate New York, is a bit more brilliant than most. It is by far one of my favorite photographs and I remember vividly taking a series of photos every evening during our stay. I even shot video of the moon over the waves there at the beach.

Brennan Beach enjoys the geographical advantage of sitting on the far eastern shore of Lake Ontario, giving residents and tourists there superb views of sunsets and moonsets on most summer evenings. I achieved the effect in this shot by using a long telephoto lens and the sunset mode on my Sony digital camera.

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