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Yellow-Headed Piling Sitter
Yellow-Headed Piling Sitter

“Yellow-Headed Piling Sitter”
Photo of the Week #40, selected in February, 2020

In Florida, we camped in Brooksville and decided to take a drive to Cedar Key, a quaint little town on the Gulf coast about 90-minutes northwest of the resort. I have seen many pelicans on the coastline around the country, but this was the first time I had seen the brown pelican in large numbers, easily identified by its bright yellow coiffure. In this pic, the sun was about an hour from setting, backlighting the yellow feathers to a shine.

​My fascination with birds led me to look the species up and I found that the oldest known living brown pelican is 43 years old, their wingspan can exceed six feet and that their yellow heads indicate that they are breeding adults. They are found on the Atlantic Coast from New Jersey to the mouth of the Amazon River, and along the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to northern Chile. If you are on either U.S. coast or the Gulf of Mexico, you can watch for them, too!

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