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PoetryDances.com has chosen two more of Jack’s poems for its “Selected Poems- February to April, 2009,” bringing the total in this time period to three. PoetryDances searches out and links to a limited selection of what they believe to be the best of online poetry on Poetry Websites, Poetry Blogs, Social Networks and Poetry Networks across the Internet. Joining “Dormant,” the first work chosen in the February set, are “Midweek Marina” and “I Dream of Space.”

You can see PoetryDances’ “Selected Poems” at http://www.poetrydances.com/poetrydancesfebapr09.htm.

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…that’s what they’ll be calling me. I just learned that there is a word for what I do with my poetry and photographs. From poets.org:

Ekphrasis (also spelled “ecphrasis”) is a direct transcription from the Greek ek, “out of,” and phrasis, “speech” or “expression.” It’s often been translated simply as “description,” and seems originally to have been used as a rhetorical term designating a passage in prose or poetry that describes something. More narrowly, it could designate a passage providing a short speech attributed to a mute work of visual art. In recent decades, the use of the term has been limited, first, to visual description and then even more specifically to the description of a real or imagined work of visual art.

So, writing poems using my photos as inspiration is actually an ancient art. Whooda figured?

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Jack Huber’s new book has been published and is available on-line.  “Trappings of the Years” is a a unique blend of poetry and photography, which adds a new perspective to each.  The title poem describes the sense and character of this compilation of commonplace and shared places and events, a collection that also includes life lessons and thoughts to ponder.

The link to the online ordering page is: http://www.createspace.com/3338012

About the author:

Jack Huber is currently a VP at a Nevada-based telecommunications firm. His background includes several years of business development and over twenty-five years in the computer industry. During this time he has had many articles explaining technology to the layperson published in various print and web magazines and journals.

Jack had his first poems published at age 10 when his fifth grade teacher submitted two pieces that were accepted by a literary magazine. Since then Jack has written poetry off and on throughout his life.

Jack began taking photos while in grade school with his first Brownie camera, given to him by his grandmother. As with his poetry, Jack prefers interesting takes on commonplace themes. It is only fitting that these two media combined would enjoy great appeal.

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My book of poetry and photographs, titled “Trappings of the Years” after one of the poems in the collection, is nearly ready for online sales.  The proof printed by CreateSpace was very professional and the testimonials on the back cover were now very easy to read.  I’ll post the link to the online store as soon as it’s up!

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