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Nature has been a continuing theme in my poetry and this week’s “Poem of the Week” is no different. The photo was taken near a field in the Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas.


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My “Poem of the Week” describes someone who lifted themselves out of poverty to become an astronaut. I wrote this 13 years ago, but it still seems appropriate.


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his week’s “Poem of the Week” uses a small poetic form called a “septolet.” Like haiku, these simple forms sometimes prove that less is more…


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Seventeen individual Quatrain City Poetry Contests were held from the end of March through November. Each Contest resulted in a winner and runner-up, both of which qualified for Grand Prize judging. These are the results:

Grand Prize:

“The Church of Adolescence” by Anthea Burson

First Runner-Up

“Myth of Life” by Ayoub Bangroo

Second Runners-Up (tie)

“Criss-Crossed” by Pushpa Moorjani
“Silent Cannons” by Diane Tegarden

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to Anthea, who was the top choice of two of the three judges. You can see the winning quatrains, along with the accompanying photos, at http://www.jackhuber.com/quatraincity.htm.


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I finally had time to update my website this week.  I added two new pages, one to keep a list of articles I’m writing for various periodicals and the other to provide links to lyrics I’ve begun to write.

I am a staff writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine, but they do not keep archives online once an issue is replaced by a new current one.  So, once an issue has passed, I’m posting my column on my Associated Content space.  You can see the start on my list at http://www.jackhuber.com/columns.htm.

With some nudging from my wife, I’ve begun to write lyrics.  She is an avid country/western fan (though I’m not), and she swears she can hear Kenny Chesney singing my most recent piece, “The Legend of Red Rock.”  I am looking for a composer with which to collaborate, so feel free to send this link to anyone who might be interested:  http://www.jackhuber.com/lyrics.htm.

Does anyone know Kenny Chesney personally?

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A lot’s been going on the last few weeks.  I’ll try to bring you up to date.

After a year-long job search, I managed to get hired last month as a Systems Analyst at the airport here in Wichita.  While it’s a great relief to be working again, I’ve found little time to write until this week.

As for news, my latest article was published today at Poetic Monthly Magazine.  It is about inspiration to write and you can download the pdf for free:  http://www.poetstage.com/poeticmonthly.htm (you can find my column on page 63).  I’ve now posted last month’s piece on AC at http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2285609/a_poet_does_not_a_lyricist_make.html?cat=33.

At GotPoetry.com, one of my poems won 2nd place in last month’s contest.  You can find it at http://www.gotpoetry.com/Poems/l_op=viewpoems/lid=60537.html

Also, GotPoetry highlighted me and my new poetic form, the quintana, in their October Staff Picks: http://www.gotpoetry.com/News/article/sid=42605.html.
Finally, I’ve spent some time in Nashville (my brother’s wedding was last weekend) and some musicians convinced me to convert some of my poetry to lyrics.  Please pass these first few on to any singer/songwriters you know:


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This week I am highlighted on the Author and Book Event Center, a website devoted to “Book Reviews, Book Trailers, Author Events, Live Forum and Chat.” The Event Center allows readers and fans to communicate with some of their favorite authors and keep up with literary events.

For more information, go to http://bookeventcenter.ning.com and consider joining (it’s free).


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Just wanted to share that two of my sonnets have been selected by ThinkingPoetry.com for its latest collection, “Sonetti: Modern Sonnets 2009.” “Majestic” and “Zion Tears” were chosen by the owner/editor of ThinkPoetry.com, a one-stop collection of information on the different components and forms of poetry.

You can find “Sonetti” at http://www.thinkingpoetry.com/community/showcase#sonetti.

Hope your 4th of July weekend has been great.

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Good news! I received my final proof and have approved it (finally), making my new book available on CreateSpace and Amazon.com. Like all my books (weird saying that, this is my fourth book now), “A Splendid Alternative” is named for a poem within, a piece written about the goings on of the tiny town of Greensburg, KS, after being devastated by an EF-5 tornado in 2007. Their rebuilding efforts are inspirational.

This new collection of poetry and photographs contains 55 poems paired with photos from my travels, and includes sonnets, haiku, senryu, villanelles, and other classic poetic forms. Author Marsha Dean Walker has written a review (http://www.jackhuber.com/review4.htm).

For ordering information, please go to http://www.jackhuber.com/splendid.htm.


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PoetryDances.com has chosen two more of Jack’s poems for its “Selected Poems- February to April, 2009,” bringing the total in this time period to three. PoetryDances searches out and links to a limited selection of what they believe to be the best of online poetry on Poetry Websites, Poetry Blogs, Social Networks and Poetry Networks across the Internet. Joining “Dormant,” the first work chosen in the February set, are “Midweek Marina” and “I Dream of Space.”

You can see PoetryDances’ “Selected Poems” at http://www.poetrydances.com/poetrydancesfebapr09.htm.

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