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An Audience
An Audience

“An Audience”
Photo of the Week #36, selected in January, 2020

We have had the good fortune of visiting old friends in Wyoming several times when we lived in the Denver area. There in the plains of Southern Wyoming we met a sculptor of metal art pieces, usually playfully utilizing garden tools and tractor parts to create birds and colorful characters. While visiting Dutch the first time we met on his property, this sculpture had interesting company and I snapped the pic. He was gracious enough to let me purchase a couple of his pieces and we displayed them in our front yard before moving into our RV full-time.

Nestled among the Medicine Bow Mountains, the Sierra Madres and the Snowy Range is the Front Range of Southern Wyoming. It is comprised of wide open plains with several flat, dry and brushy areas, most of which is above 7,000 feet. We always enjoyed our visits in the summer and fall, usually seeing an abundance of wildlife.

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