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Little White Steeple
Little White Steeple

“Little White Steeple”
Photo of the Week #37, selected in January, 2020

In our whirlwind tour of Maine a few years ago, we traversed the Penobscot Bay Bridge several times. On one of our jaunts through the area, we observed a quaint town with a unique white steeple in its center, just across the bay. Fortunately, I was able to capture it with my telephoto lens, but my camera did not record its GPS coordinates. There are many small towns around the bay, so I retraced our route that day and can only surmise that this is the town of Castine.

Penobscot Bay is between Muscongus Bay and Blue Hill Bay, just west of Acadia National Park. The drive along the bay is very enjoyable, weather permitting.

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