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An Elevated Garden
An Elevated Garden

“An Elevated Garden”
Photo of the Week #28, selected in November, 2019

High up in the Colorado Rockies is a popular hiking trail through Guanella Pass. This trail takes you to one of Colorado’s “Fourteeners,” Mount Bierstadt, and is laced with scenic views. I especially enjoy the wild alpine flower gardens, few and far between, scattered around the mountainous terrain.

When I first viewed this, one of my iconic Colorado shots, I wondered how a single purple “pioneer plant” came to take residence in this field of yellow “old man of the mountain” wildflowers. But then, after looking closely, I could see others far behind the yellow blooms near the green shrubs.

A quick note about alpine or tundra wildflowers from amylaw.blog: “[They’re] small. There just isn’t time in the short, high-altitude summer to get big, especially when flowers cost the plant so much in terms of energy. And they are spread far apart, to ensure that they get plenty of sun and water. So you’re not going to see meadows dense with flowers blowing in the wind.” You can see that this is a unique field of tundra flowers, larger but still separated within their field.

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