More and more RV’ers are turning to dry camping, AKA “boondocking,” to get away from people and enjoy nature in the midst of it. Not everything is easy when boondocking in the wild, so I put together a list of my “Top 9 Difficulties While Dry Camping.”

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Nature has been a continuing theme in my poetry and this week’s “Poem of the Week” is no different. The photo was taken near a field in the Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas.


I just posted my 59th “Photo of the Week,” this time of a sunset in Texas with an unusual frame. Like always, please click on the link to see the clear, full-color version of the pic.


We started putting out bird feeders when we lived in Wichita ten year ago. We continued when we moved to Denver and recently began again on the road. I decided to post a few pics from each location and was pleased to see the variety of birds we’ve had visit us from place to place. Take a look:


This week’s “Reasons to be Happy” subject is “sounds.” I got some good feedback about what sounds are popular, and added a few of my own. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the blog page:


…It’s not always bad news…

My “Poem of the Week” describes someone who lifted themselves out of poverty to become an astronaut. I wrote this 13 years ago, but it still seems appropriate.


I chose a little whimsy for this week’s “Photo of the Week,” a pic taken in rural Northern Kansas…

Like always, click the link to see the clear, full-color photo:


This week’s topic in my “Reasons to be Happy” blog is geocaching. I describe the entertaining activity in the post, in case you are not familiar with it. Enjoy, and feel free to leave your own comments on the blog page.


I just posted photos from our recent jaunt through Mount Hood National Forest in Northern Oregon. There are a few spots in the orchard country where you can see both Mount Hood and Mount Adams in Washington State…


On our way to Oregon this week we passed Mount Shasta and a set of peaks known as the Castle Crags. I took a few shots of both and posted them in my California gallery: